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22.04.10 9:30

Chủ đề : writing essay

Đọc và góp ý giùm nha!

Essay 2: interest in Public Policy; Health Care Experience
People often refer to a “body of law” but to me the most interesting limbs are the legs. Every law has legs. In other words, laws are constructed and structured within a certain historical moment shaped by particular social, economic, and political circumstance. Yet, laws must walk forward with time and be applied and interpreted within social contexts that did not exist when they were first created. It is the distance covered between a law’s birth and its implementation and interpretation that interests me.
The creation of new law and the application of existing law to new circumstances are prisms to understanding our society and, perhaps, to changing it. There are many well-known examples of such transformative laws, including the Civil Rights Act, the 19th Amendment, and the Roe v. Wade decision. From an intellectual perspective, I am interested in the historical forces and social context which are the underpinnings of any new law and therefore act as reflections of our society. For a more practical application, I am interested in how public policies can be structured to create social and economic opportunities and to foster equality. By pursuing a legal career, I feel that I am positioning myself to help shape, define, and implement such policies.
My undergraduate academic work focused on political economy and cultural identify. I was interested in understanding the forces behind the social, economic, and political structure of American society and the process by which people create their identities within this structure while changing it. The Residential College at the University of Michigan did not only provide a supportive environment to pursue these intellectual interests but also ensured that I acquired the skills to transfer my academic interests to a professional setting. Our professors challenged their students to conduct research, write analytical essays, engage in class debates, and make presentations. This experience prepared me well for the real world where the ability to write well, analyze precisely, facilitate discussions, and speak persuasively are essential skills. It also gave me the intellectual background and skills to move successfully into my first job as a research assistant at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation where my interest in public policy was concentrated in health care policy development.
The foundation’s mission is to further social change with the specific goal of improving the health and health care of all Americans. Although I learned a lot about the theory, politics, and practical considerations involved in health care policy development and implementation at the foundation, I also realized that it is very difficult to affect public policy when you are removed from public institutions of government.
After moving to Denver, I applied for a position with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing’s Office of public and Private Initiatives (OPPI) which is charged with health care policy development for the state. There were no openings at the time which initially disappointed me. However, I decided to use my time to sharpen my skills while exploring other aspects of the health care industry. I became an I independent health care consultant.
Working for myself tested my initiative, responsibility, and analytical skills while giving me an opportunity to explore different kinds of work. I had to convince potential clients to trust my abilities despite my youth. Within the first three months of being self-employed, I had acquired three clients-a large Denver hospital, a health care publishing firm, and OPPI. Every time I see an ad for the Rose Sports Medicine Center, I am proudly reminded that I wrote the original business plan for the center.
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Chủ đề : Re: writing essay

U wrote it, didn't u?
and the person in this story is u too?
wao! bravo! :03:
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writing essay

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